“Obamacare Is Cheaper Than Your Cell Phone Bill”: President Obama Demystifies The Affordable Care Act

The President and First Lady at the March On Washington commemoration. via @WhiteHouse.With doubts and convictions swirling around the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, mostly due to right-wing propaganda, President Obama attempted to clear up the misconceptions about Obamacare through a sit-down interview with “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.”

“A lot of people are, ‘Hey, I don’t know what’s going on.’ There’s this confusion. I hear one thing, I see another thing,” Adams told Obama at the Oval Office. “How do we, and I guess passionately, tell them, ‘Hey, if you have insurance, you’re cool. If you don’t have insurance we have a better way for you?’”

Obama assures us that we shouldn’t sweat Obamacare. It’s just that the media that makes it seem more complex than it actually is. “[T]here’s been a lot of misinformation, most of its political, paid for by either the Republican Party, or various conservative groups,” he said. “But the truth is the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is real straight forward.”

For those who already have Medicare, Medicaid, or employer-provided health insurance, Obama guarantees Americans can keep their health care plans. If anything, he adds, Obamacare provides more security and protection to your benefit packages. “For example, insurance companies can’t impose lifetime limits on you, so if you got really sick [...] they couldn’t just cut you off at a certain point,” he said. “It allows young people, for example, to stay on their parents’ healthcare plan up to the age of 26.”

The President and First Lady at the March On Washington commemoration. via @WhiteHouse

For those who are uninsured, Obamacare has got you covered, he stated:

[I]f you don’t have health insurance right now, or if you’re buying it on the individual market, meaning you just got to go out there and kind of shop, this is going to give you a better deal. Basically you’re going to be able to go to a website, Healthcare.gov, or the states are setting up a whole bunch of websites. And you are going to be able to compare the prices that you can get through these plans, and in addition it will tell you the kinds of help you will get from the government to pay for it. 

The added bonus, President Obama said, is that in most states, these health care plans are cheaper than your monthly cell phone bill. “You also have the confidence and the insurance that if you get in a car accident, heaven forbid something happens, [...] you’re not going to have to empty out your back account,” he added. “You go to the doctor. You got health services that are high quality.”

Particularly for women, Obama said, The Affordable Act is most beneficial. Given the fact that women need frequent checkups at the doctor and various methods of contraception, the President confirms that trips to the doctor are affordable and birth control will be free under Obamacare.

[I]t doesn’t do the family any good if mom gets sick. You know, that’s the anchor that holds the whole family together. So what is also true is women are more likely to be in jobs that may not offer good benefits. And this is a way for women to be able to say, you know what, I will always have that security, I’ll always have that protection.

Although these health care packages cannot be purchased until October 1st, users can still browse Healthcare.gov and check out what the site has to offer. ”I think that a lot of people don’t have to take my word for it. All they need to do is just go and see what this thing offers, the same way that if they’re buying a plane ticket they just go on the Internet and check it out,” Obama said.

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